Modern Fire Alarms & PA Systems
Neelansh Fire Protection System is the authorized distributor for NOTIFIER ® Fire alarm, PA system and Nurse Call system.
Detection system by NOTIFIER ®   is the most Advanced Detection Solutions which results in:
  • Fewer nuisance alarms.
  • Reduced installation costs.
  • Improved aesthetics.
The NOTIFIER ®  has varies range of modern and hi tech system.
The following are the product range :  
Fire Alarm Control Panels
NOTIFIER's line of fire alarm control panels features advanced smoke sensing technology to speed response times and reduce nuisance alarms. Find out about ONYX® Series, Classic Intelligent Control Panels, Voice Evacuation Systems, and Conventional Control Panels.
NOTIFIER Integrated Network
NOTIFIER's integrated systems platforms unite NOTIFIER systems with other security, card access, and CCTV systems as well as competitors' fire alarm control panels over a single network.
Network interface modules, network control annunciator.
NOTIFIER Integrated Systems
Intelligent graphical fire alarm systems, centralized or distributed command and control, fire command center.
Fire Alarm Peripheral Devices
NOTIFIER offers a complete line of peripheral devices for use with its fire alarm systems, including intelligent sensors and control points, conventional initiating devices, and notification appliances.
Fire System Accessories
Get information on NOTIFIER system accessories such as printers, remote annuncitors, auxiliary power supplies, battery chargers, and relays.
Gas Detection
Review NOTIFIER's line of fixed, standalone or network gas detection systems, as well as portable and personal gas detectors for a wide range of applications.
Very Early Warning Smoke Detection
NOTIFIER by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announces the release of a high-tech gateway to interface its fire alarm networks with very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems, unlocking access to significant alarm and trouble conditions data. Gaining control of an ASD system through a NOTIFIER network is another added benefit that provides facilities a more powerful, complete and easier-to-use fire protection solution.
The following are the solution provided by the NOTIFIER:
Emergency Communication Systems - FireVoice 25/50, Digital Voice Command, Digital Voice Command
Advanced Smoke Sensing- ONYX Advanced Detection technology, which maximizes speed, stability, and reliability.
Guided Egress- ONYX ExitPoint audible exit technology
First Responder Interface - ONYX FirstVision™ - a touch screen graphical interface for firefighters
Fire and Security Integration- ONYXWorks
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