Conventional Fire Fighting
Neelansh Fire Protection Systems, are the Registered Class A Contractor with CPWD for Fire fighting &  Wet Riser system and Fire Alarm System.  Neelansh deals in the services of Conventional Fire Fighting and fire alarm system for the supply, installation, testing, commissioning and  maintaining the following :
  • Fire Alarm & Smoke Detection Systems Conventional, Addressable & an Intelligent Fire Alarm System.
  • Hydrant & Sprinkler Systems,
We had installed such Fire Alarm & Smoke Detection Systems, Wet Risers, Hydrants, & Security in Government Organizations such as CPWD, PWD, Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhawan etc.

We are able to provide best known product for conventional as well as Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems,
Security systems, and Building Automation Systems. All these systems are delivered in accordance with requirements from authorities like Architects, Consultants & Electrical Contractors as well as directly by clients in compliance with standards like NFPA, Fire Bridge, BS, DOT, MMD, ERTL etc.