Application of the Dynameco Aerosol fire extinguishing generators

All Dynameco Fire Extinguishing Generators can be used according to their purpose for room-flooding and/or object-based extinction within the fields of electromechanical systems & devices, power generation, transport, machinery, data processing, communication and kitchens.

If used for room-flooding, the entire room's volume will be flooded with the extinguishing agent. The fire will be extinguished by a constant distribution of the extinguishing agent (aerosol), regardless of the fire location within the room.

The object extinguishing method directs the aerosol stream to the fire source and extinguishes the fire. Some typical applications are flammable liquids (e.g. petrol, oil) on machines, systems, and devices.

Moreover, a combination of room-flooding and object-based extinction can be provided, depending on each application (e.g. wind power plants).
The exact conception of the fire extinguishing system is based on the knowledge of the site and the risk sources. The interpretation of the extinguishing agent is performed with room-flooding by room volume and with object-based extinction by specification of the object to be protected and the prevailing environmental conditions.

Dynameco application in kitchens

The risk of fires in kitchens, with deep fat fryers and industrial deep fryers, is high. Easily ignitable hot fats and oils can quickly lead to fires putting personnel and equipment at risk. In the past, fires not extinguished in time have resulted in notable damage and impairments. Many domestic fires can be traced to incipient fires in the kitchen.

The Dynameco fire extinguishers installed in the risk areas extinguish the fire within seconds after triggering. The residues can be removed fast and problemfree with commercial cleaners and water.

Thanks to their light-weight structure, small mechanical form factor and easy installation our Dynameco Fire Extinguishing Generators are ideal for protecting machine tools.

A fire can be efficiently prevented from spreading by employing these systems in several risk areas.

Dynameco application in transformer stations

Fires in high and low voltage systems and transformer stations are extremely dangerous. Apart from the catastrophic consequences of a power failure, a fire within a Transformer and/or insulating materials produces highly toxic and ecologically harmful gases and waste products.

A fire may break out by overheating or, in the case of an arc caused by a switch, by leakage current. Human behaviour often leads to fires in high-voltage plants.

Our Dynameco Fire Extinguishing Generators are employed for room-flooding - e.g. for flooding a transformer station - or as an object extinguisher.

Therefore, Dynameco 200-E02, Dynameco 300-E02, and Dynameco 2000-E02 are employed for fire protection in these areas.

Dynameco application in data processing centers

A high percentage of international IT managers consider fire the biggest threat for data resources; one in two consider viruses the worst threat; human failure comes third. Today's global and networked companies and organizations mostly rely on data resources as their main capital.

The permanent growth of the data amount and the complexity of systems means that fire protection is becoming more and more relevant. Institutions and companies (including SMBs) have been sensitized.

Dynameco Fire Extinguishing Generators are ideal for deployment in server and computer centres. Thanks to their small mechanical form factor and their light-weight structure, the Fire Extinguishing Generators can be easily installed directly within those systems. They are attached with magnetic fixtures, which renders bores and screw connections unnecessary. When used to extinguish a fire, the extinguishing agent has no effect upon the system's functionality; any residues may be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents. Our Dynameco 200-E02 are mostly employed for server and computer centres.

Dynameco application in wind power plants

Recently, strikes of lightning, oil and cable fires have caused many fires in wind power plants. As fires in the pods of wind power plants can not be extinguished by the responsible fire brigade, as a rule, these plants burn down completely.

The damage for operators and insurance is enormous. Dynameco fire extinguishers are used in the three risk areas of wind power plants.

In the area of the pods, the transformer room and inside the closed switching cabinets. Low weight and small installation dimensions as well as no unnecessary pressure vessels and pipings are the main fire protection requirements in wind power plants, which Dynameco fire extinguishers fulfil perfectly.

Dynameco application in switch gears

Statistics have shown that almost 32% of all fires are arising from an electric installation. The electrical switching cabinets and switching installations with their active and passive components pose a substantial risk potential.

A fire may spread from the cabinets through the fire loads of cables and pipings into the main rooms. Dynameco Fire Extinguishing Generators are flooding cabinets or control centres in the interior room because that is where they are typically originate.

The generators can be mounted internally or with an external blowing device, blowing the aerosol through a duct into the cabinet. The switching cabinet is extinguished within a few seconds.

Dynameco is a highly efficient and affordable extinguishing agent for cabinets and electrical control rooms.